Filled with old colonial furniture, cutlery, and knick-knacks, the house breathes an atmosphere of luxury comfort and peace.

The family strives consistently against all odds to conserve the forest and wildlife in the area.

The perfect getaway for nature lovers, foodies, botanists and entomologists, bird watchers, yoga and meditation enthusiasts, trekkers, walkers, campers, couch potatoes, dreamers, artists, and writers….

Stress pots and workaholics – this is the perfect rehab for you. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the olden days and renew your energies with great food, sights, trips and activities for the entire family.

If you have dreamt of staying few days in the lap of mother nature, perfect mountainous solitude, miles away from the maddening crowd, the noise, the glamour and its hectic pace…. then this place is just for you. The Irenic Abode offers homestay in Bhimtal is admired by travelers because it provides a refreshing escape from the crowd of Nainital, and helps them in encountering with Mother Nature. It offers the perfect opportunity for those who have been looking for getting away from hustle and bustle and takes a peaceful respite which cannot be found in other homestay in Nainital.

If you really want a non-commercialized nature stay, this is the place. Walking, trekking, birding, bathing in pristine rivers and waterfalls, visiting tiny hamlets, enjoying local cuisine and staying in traditional Kumaoni culture are what you can enjoy here. The thrill of running behind butterflies, breath talking fragrance of flowers, star gazing and warm rays of sun without the hindrances caused by skyscrapers will form a life time memory for you. It is a place with awesome natural beauty boasted through jungles, mountains, rivers, where clouds create riots of colours on the mountains.

We have villas in Bhimtal for all

  1. Hydrangea
  2. Gardenia
  3. Azalea
  4. Camelia

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