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A disorderly lifestyle and eating can bring many complications in the health of individuals. Intestinal dysbiosis is one of them, and here we explain what it is. He intestinal dysbiosis is a disease related to an imbalance of the bacteria lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that are housed in the intestines, in the so-called intestinal natural flora. These bacteria are favorable for the health of the individual because they contribute to the digestion and absorption of nutrients. In addition, they favor the production of vitamin B and K, strengthening the body's immune system. The causes of this pathology are usually related to various factors such as: • Stress • Sedentary • Insomnia • Alcoholism • Smoking • Excessive use of antibiotics • Abuse of proteins and simple sugars All are components related to an inadequate lifestyle and poor diet, which end up reducing the amount of beneficial bacteria. These changes generated in the natural intestinal flora place people in a vulnerable position. In this way the risk of suffering or aggravating certain diseases increases: chronic constipation, intestinal inflammation, fungal proliferation, irritable bowel, gas and general fatigue. Quietum plus reviews consumer reports That is why it becomes so important to carry out a balanced nutrition through a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits, capable of guaranteeing physical and mental health. Starting from this principle, in the following lines we present the nutritional formula to prevent intestinal dysbiosis. Diet for intestinal dysbiosis The natural intestinal flora is composed of more than 100 trillion bacteria. Of these, 85% are healthy for the organism. These are fed and reproduced from the consumption of foods with high content of carbohydrates, presented in the form of fiber and starch. Therefore, a diet rich in prebiotic foods, antibiotics and probiotics is recommended. Prebiotic foods They are those that are not processed by the body. Now, by the fermentation of the fiber they contain, they stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria. All those that are in the intestine, favoring their balance. Among these foods we find: • Artichoke • Banana • Garlic • Onion • Potato • Oats • Wheat • Asparagus According to research carried out at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, these foods not only have functions in the intestinal tract. The prebiotics also facilitate absorption of calcium and other minerals such as magnesium and iron. In this way, bone density can be improved, osteoporosis is prevented and the lipid profile is enhanced with metabolism in the liver. Therefore, high triglyceride levels decrease. Probiotic foods Probiotics are live microorganisms that are found in the digestive system. Provided they are administered in the right amounts, they will bring health benefits. In the case of food, we refer to those that are composed of microorganisms that remain alive inside and adhere to the intestinal mucosa to stimulate the digestive juices that improve the digestion process. Quietum plus reviews reddit In addition, they are a stimulus for the feeding and growth of healthy bacteria. You can consume them through fermented foods or supplements such as yogurt, cow's milk or fermented goat, olives, dark chocolate, fermented cabbage, among others. How does red wine benefit you? In addition to these three types of food to treat intestinal dysbiosis, the consumption of red wine is recommended for its polyphenol content. This could favor the intestinal flora. Several investigations have determined that polyphenol helps strengthen the immune system of the individual and inhibits the reproduction of bacteria harmful to the body. Quietum plus reviews amazon Avoid excess protein On the other hand, it is necessary to set aside hyperproteic diets. This is because the high protein consumption can stimulate the increase of negative cells in the digestive system, which causes intestinal toxemia (difficulty to evacuate) and shortens the life of the beneficial bacteria. According to data from the Institute of Active Cellular Nutrition (INCA), undigested protein is fermented by bacteria in the colon with the consequent production of toxins, such as ammonia or amine. Ammonia modifies the morphology and metabolism of intestinal cells. This reduces its lifespan and favors the growth of cancerous intestinal cells. Quietum plus reviews As we saw, you have several alternatives to control and prevent intestinal dysbiosis. However, remember that you always need the opinion of a health professional, who can guide you in the best way. In the same way, it is the doctor who is in charge of diagnosing and treating these pathologies. 

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