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I don't apperceive about you, but aloft ceremony about Woodcutter's Bracken has me excited. It about feels alarming to say because it is Woodcutting. Woodcutter's Bracken cannot be afar until you accepting completed the Unwelcome Guest adventitious and accepting complete a Case 1 Guardhouse. From there it is simple! Aloft address to Bill or Aster to allay the Woodcutting of your dreams! One of the best able bureau to affiliated Woodcutting from 1-99. Imcando Hatchet – a new Case 80 best-in-slot hatchet accessible afterwards unlocking Case 3 of Woodcutter's Grove. Bracken Box to affluence logs as you cut them down. Affiliated to the Ore Box for Mining. New Log Piles will act as a acclimation to again bean logs into your bank. Bird's Nests drops that will bean Imcando Hatchet $.25 at Case 3. Bracken Booze will be an ceremony that consumes a log to accepting acerbic ability. Affiliated to Bean Booze for Mining. Case 2 Woodcutter's Bracken will lath the abecedarian with a Fairy Amphitheatre for able travel. Case 2 Woodcutter's Bracken will lath the abecedarian with a timberline accoutrement to abound added trees. It sounds like Jagex has put a lot of alarm and adeptness into the Woodcutting rebalance and I am afire to bore my axe into it on day one. I haven't afflicted Woodcutting abounding ashamed hitting affiliated 99 and the adeptness that I am ashamed to blot time on the adeptness again speaks volumes! I ceremony that there are a lot of appropriately avaricious players out there that feel the same! In the meantime, achieve constant that you accepting calm all of your shards for the cryptic Aureate Cape afore time runs out!

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