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Zopiclone (Zimovane) enables you to doze off easily and keeps you asleep throughout the night. It eliminates anxiety, promotes drowsiness, induces natural sleep and helps an insomniac to relax peacefully throughout the night. It tranquilizes the brain and relaxes the nerves to induce sleep in an insomniac. Sleep deprived people have slept peacefully for 7-8 hours at night after its use. It is advisable to consult your health care provider before its use. Further, it should not be consumed by people who have serious ailments of heart, liver, kidney or lung. Patients suffering from sleep apnea and breathing problems should avoid its use. Further, it should never be blended with liquor or other intoxicating drinks. Short term use under the strict supervision of a sleep expert will prevent the users from addiction and dependence. After taking this medication for more than a month, there is a possibility that the user may get tolerant to its use and may require a heavy dose after a certain time in order to experience similar effects. Headache and nausea are mild side effects which don’t bother the users for more than 3 days. Buy Zopiclone 7.5 mg should only be taken when you have adequate time for relaxation.  


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