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Velofel the kilos or pounds so any other questions on anything people who also if you're having trouble with weight gain you do really want to get blood work done and look at maybe your gut microbiome analysis are always getting from a reputable source yes you can buy supplements directly it was not directly through me it's a medicinal link that I have anybody who goes through me automatically gets 10% off their supplements and it's delivered to your door and it's all from very reputable companies so I can put a list of my favorite supplements I I mean everybody's different but there is definitely a some that have great ingredients there's a few companies I love and a few companies I seem to get really good results back um Mike I didn't see your age question it popped up too fast and I missed that last one sorry guys there's something about recommendations they kind of fly up sometimes then I was looking at something else so Mike feel free to repeat the age question and the other question about

Velofel South Africa you can get them on sale if you are Europe based you can get it here if you're a US base it's a little bit easier and faster and then the other stuff of my medicinally I'm so sorry it's only us-based for my medicine area so if you're uk-based I can definitely recommend some companies UK or EU based so try not to discriminate but most my stuff is set up for the states that's really easy but I do have links and different things in the you Caribbean is fine Caribbean Marcus most of the companies in the US will ship to the Caribbean so not a problem there it depends on which island you are on but I can always thought political you can look because most places are very accommodating for the Caribbean it just gets weird 

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